How can I contact Pypes Exhaust?

Order Line: 800-421-3890
Tech Line: 267-638-5030
Fax Line: 267-638-3507

Expert Sales help: [email protected]
Expert Technical help: [email protected]

Pypes Performance Exhaust
2705 Clemens Road
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How much should I expect to pay to ship my Pypes Exhaust order?

Shipping is quoted for each individual order based on your location and size & weight of the order. We have provided the chart below of UPS GROUND Shipping Estimates to help you calculate your order’s final cost:

Destination X-pipe Kit Full System
East Coast $45.00 $90.00
Central US $50.00 $100.00
West Coast $70.00 $115.00
International Call Call

You can request faster shipping methods for rush jobs for an additional cost. Call for details.

Are Pypes systems and components covered by a warranty?

All Pypes mufflers and systems have a limited lifetime warranty*. All muffler delete systems are sold as-is only and do not carry our warranty.

* Lifetime warranty is for as long as you own your vehicle.

*  Pypes Big Rig Exhaust Kits come with a 2 year Date of Purchase warranty.

Do the Pypes systems come ready to install?

Yes & No, All systems are mandrel bent for various body styles but because of different headers, mufflers and options some systems may require cutting pipes to size. Also an occasional “tweaking” of a pipe might be necessary to fit certain models. Please refer to our instructions for more details on your model.

Why doesn't my X-pipe reach my headers?

This is normal. The X-pipe should mount directly below where the tailshaft meets the driveshaft. You will need a straight piece of pipe to attach your collector reducers to the X-pipe front extensions.
Exception: Later model Mustang X-pipes are direct bolt on!

Why do my downpipes angle toward the ground?

Assuming you have the correct pipes for your application, check both your trans mounts and motor mounts for correctness and proper installation Also double check that the pipes can’t be re-adjusted at the manifold flange. Finally, the exhaust system is only as good as the headers you have installed. If they hang real low then your exhaust system will hang low. We highly recommend you choose quality headers that FIT properly.

Is it true that the X-pipe will interfere with the removal of my transmission?

No, The Crossover fits BEHIND either an auto or manual trans. Transmissions can easily be removed by disconnecting the front of the exhaust from either the manifolds or the headers and letting the system hang down.

Should I base my muffler choice on the highest flow rating?

Not always. In dyno tests higher horsepower cars (400+) almost always benefit from maximum flow. Lower horsepower cars (300-) can actually lose some low end torque and peak horsepower by using maximum flow mufflers. In these cases, choose the Pypes muffler that fits your sound & price needs as your priority.

I have smaller than 2.5" manifolds, can I use your 2.5" exhaust?

Yes! In all cases that we have 2.5" downpipes we have engineered them to bolt up directly to your existing smaller manifolds without modification.

It seems as though 3" exhaust is the popular choice these days. Is there any disadvantages?

Yes! A stock horsepower car with 3" exhaust can lose noticeable low end torque and affect performance. Also, 3" pipe usually requires increased installation precision because of limited clearance issues. As a general rule, cars with less then 500hp should use 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust. Cars in the 500hp range could potentially benefit by a 3" system but unless you are trying to shave 1/10ths in the quarter mile, 2.5" mandrel bent pipes are still dramatically better than 3" shop bent systems.

Can I install my new Pypes exhaust system myself or should I take it to a local service center?

If you have never installed an exhaust before, it just takes patiance. You may need to cut pipes to length on some systems. Having a lift makes the process much easier but lots of people install out exhausts on a car with jack-stands every day. Welding is a great way to seal the components of your system together but not necessary. Clamps are provided with all of our complete systems. Also be sure to follow our instructions when installing components.

What are the advantages of Pypes Stainless Steel Systems?

Stainless Steel is primarily a metal alloy that contains chromium. It this chromium content that give the metal it's corrosion resistance. It's name is meant to imply that it will "stain less" then other alloys, and not that it is "stain free". We currently have two grades of Stainless Steel exhaust components available.

409 Stainless: The price is comparable to most aluminized systems on the market. This material is used on most of the newer cars produced today. While 409 Stainless will turn a reddish-brown color and may get a hint of surface rust, It will not rust through, allowing it to have exceptional corrosion resistance.

304 Polished Stainless: Highly polished with a nice show-quality finish. This material has excellent corrosion resistance. It may turn a bluish-gold color at the hottest points. For more information about stainless steel and it's properties, have a look at Wikipedia's write-up about Stainless Steel.

I was always told stainless steel isn't magnetic. Why does a magnet stick to my stainless steel exhaust?

What you've heard about the magnetism of stainless steel is only partially true. Many grades of stainless steel are magnetic. It is only in the grades that have nickle added to their alloy, that loose their magnetic properties. We have noticed that our 409 Stainless steel products are a little magnetic but our 304 Polished Stainless steel pipes have little or no magnetic properties until they are stretched. Then they gain magnetic qualities! 

Can I save on shipping by picking up my Pypes Exhaust order?

Yes. Just make sure you make prior arrangements. We do not have a retail store or retail counter so we only allow pickups for orders called in ahead of time. You should place the order at least a week ahead of the date you want to pickup at.

What are the advantages and dis-advantages of U-clamps, band clamps and welding?

Yes. Here are the major advantages and dis-advantages:

  Advantages Dis-advantages
U-clamps fast & easy semi-permanent
Band Clamps fast & easy expensive
Welding best strength expensive
Do I always get a performance boost from upgrading my Manifolds to Headers?

No. We have never tested a car or truck that lost HP after adding headers but some stock cars just don’t seem to benefit from the longer header tubes.

How do I choose which mufflers to purchase?

It all depends on your sound preferance and performance requirements. Our website can help answer these questions or you can contact one of our representatives for help.

Do I lose a lot of clearance after installing a 2½” or 3“ X-pipe system?

Properly installed X-pipes DO NOT interfere with transmissions! Clearance is no different than a non-crossover system of the same size.

If I have problems during installation, what is the best way to get technical help.

The huge popularity of the internet has caused a number of excellent Technical Forums to become available. Tech Forums are one of the best ways to get help and advice from professionals as well as fellow car enthusiasts. Go to TECH FORUMS to see the growing list of automotive Forums we've come accross as well as our own Pypes Exhaust Forum.

You can also email [email protected] with a description and pictures of your install and the problem you have encountered. You can also call us during business hours.