Voluntary Labeling Program

Voluntary Labeling Program

The SEMA Voluntary Labeling Program is designed to align with the 4 EMS codes found in AutoCare’s electronic product coding. Pypes Performance Exhaust is adapting these standards in an effort to help our customers chose the correct products for individual vehicles.

The Following guide is designed to help you determine which Pypes components are legal for use on your vehicle. It is your responsibility to use the guide below to ensure that you’re installing the correct emissions legal product for your application.

All products with this icon currently have California Air Research Board (C.A.R.B.) Executive Order (E.O.) numbers. They meet the emission standard for use on pollution controlled vehicles in all 50 states.

All products with this icon have demonstrated a reasonable-basis emissions compliance, and can be sold in US States which do not require a California Air Research Board (C.A.R.B.) Executive Order (E.O.) certification.

All product with this icon are designated for Racing Use Only and can never be used on pollution-controlled vehicles both on or off road. They are acceptable for dedicated racing vehicles and vehicles that pre-date modern emissions controls. Pre-pollution controlled vehicles are defined as 1965 and older domestic vehicles and 1968 and older import vehicles in California.

All products with this icon have little or no impact on emissions and install downstream of the last emission component (such as catalytic converters, DPF, exhaust gas sensors and head risers) making them legal for sale in all 50 states.